ITA – International Tube Association announces Michael Kelly joins ITA North American Management Board – NAMB

MACOMB, MI – August 9th, 2021 – ITA – International Tube Association announces Michael Kelly – Chief Customer Officer of Allied PhotoChemical, Inc. joins ITA North American Management Board – NAMB.

“It is an honor to join the ITA – International Tube Association North American Management Board” says Michael Kelly – Chief Customer Officer. “Overall, the ITA provides great support to the Tube and Pipe Manufacturing Customers worldwide, plus the many, many suppliers to this important world-wide marketplace.”

About ITA – International Tube Association

The association recognizes the importance of conversations among members scattered across the globe to maintain the pace of progress in the tube and pipe industries. Exchange drives innovation and innovation drives change within our sector: It is the innovative strength of manufacturers that enables the industry to adapt to the constantly shifting fortunes of those it supplies.

As the only globally active membership association for the tube and pipe industries, the ITA is also having to adapt to the changes that are being driven by the pandemic; changes that are not only happening faster, thanks to the crisis, but also on many more levels.

We provide a forum which is of vital importance beyond its value as a marketing tool for individual companies. And as such, we are making changes to the way we communicate and the way we meet—at least temporarily—to exchange news, educational and technical content.

Some of these changes may well be of longer duration. Either way, we encourage you to watch this space. We place the world at your fingertips; just stick with us and we can navigate the changes together.

More Information:

About Allied PhotoChemical, Inc.

Allied PhotoChemical is a leading formulator and producer of UV, Solvent and Water-based coating technologies. Allied focuses on the capabilities of high quality product development, application and customization to exceed their customers’ needs and expectations. Allied’s products help customers achieve true ROI – Return on their Investment. Allied’s Customer FIRST initiatives put the Customer FIRST!

Contact Name: Michael Kelly

Company Name: Allied PhotoChemical, Inc.


Contact Title: Chief Customer Officer

Telephone: +1 (586) 232-3637


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