Allied PhotoChemical releases Mr. UV Episode 2 – 100% Solids.

MACOMB, MI – February 22nd, 2021 – Allied PhotoChemical has released Episode 2 of its Mr. UV series, entitled “100% Solids”.

The goal of this episode is to educate Customers on how many Suppliers “play games” with percent solids in their Water-based & Solvent-based coatings.

Example: What coating is less cost per gallon?

  • 18% Solids Water-based coating: $13.50 per gallon
  • 100% Solids UV coating: $68.00 per gallon

In reality, the 18% Solids Water-based coating is $13.50 per gallon divided by the percent solids – $13.50 / 0.18 = $75.00 per gallon – So REAL cost is $75.00 per gallon.

REALITY – Applied coating cost of Water-based coating is more expensive than UV.

Watch it now:

This is why the Allied team has decided to launch a new video series to help and assist interested parties – Find out more about UV understand and its outreach in the marketplace.

Mr. UV

About Allied Video Series
Allied’s new YouTube videos are broken down into two different video series: “UV is Everywhere and Mr. UV.”

The goal of “UV is Everywhere” is to show just how many aspects of life have UV coating in them.

The “Mr. UV” series gives a look into the UV coating process.

By giving viewers an understanding of both, they can open their eyes to all the advantages UV coatings have to offer.

To check out our new videos go to: Allied PhotoChemical Youtube Channel

About Allied PhotoChemical, Inc.
Allied PhotoChemical is a leading formulator and producer of UV, Solvent and Water-based coating technologies. Allied focuses on the capabilities of high quality product development, application and customization to exceed their customers’ needs and expectations. Allied’s products help customers achieve true ROI – Return on their Investment. Allied’s Customer FIRST initiatives put the Customer FIRST!.

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