Allied PhotoChemical expands Manufacturing facility to meet Customer Needs.

MACOMB, MI – November 2, 2022 – Allied PhotoChemical recently expanded their Manufacturing facility in Macomb, MI by 25,000 square feet, to provide expanded production capabilities and inventory storage area.

Colin Harris, Frank Boji and Dan Sweetwood
Colin Harris

Allied has increased inventory levels by nearly 500% over the past two years, which presented a series of challenges. This expansion will be solve these challenges by offering 25,000 square feet of warehousing, plus expanded production capabilities in existing plant.

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Contact Name: Michael Kelly

Company Name: Allied PhotoChemical, Inc.

Contact Title: Chief Customer Officer

Telephone: +1 (586) 232-3637


About Allied PhotoChemical, Inc.

Allied PhotoChemical is a leading formulator and producer of UV, Solvent and Water-based coating technologies. Allied focuses on the capabilities of high quality product development, application and customization to exceed their customers’ needs and expectations. Allied’s products help customers achieve true ROI – Return on their Investment. Allied’s Customer FIRST initiatives put the Customer FIRST!

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