Our Company
Allied PhotoChemical embraces Sustainability both internally and externally.
  • Internally with our manufacturing process and recycling programs, plus regular air quality testing.
  • Externally with our Customers through UV / Ultra-Violet Coatings Technology – No VOC’s or HAP’s & reduced energy costs / quality costs.
Our Technology
UV Coatings Technology empowers our Customers with the following:
  • FASTER – Production speeds & instant cure.
  • SMALLER – Physical footprint, work-in-process, energy costs and quality costs.
  • CLEANER – No VOC’s, no HAP’s, less permitting, non-flammable.
Our Customers
Allied PhotoChemical works hand-in-hand with our Customers, from the initial project phase to running full production. Sustainability of their process is well documented and delivers REAL ROI – REAL Return on Investment. This is only the beginning of the Sustainability Journey with our Customers.

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