faster coating
Instant coating cure offers faster lines speeds – Coat and cure in less than 10 feet of floor space.
smaller coating
Our process requires less energy consumption, floor space, work-in-progress and offers a reduction in overall quality costs.
cleaner coating
Our UV coatings have zero volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants or normal vinyl pyridines.
Proud to serve a number of industries from large scale to smaller manufacturers. Consider us your personal consultant, providing superior performance coatings for your desired end-use. We’re experts on a range of industrial coating services for any material—from wood coating to metal decorating. All of our clients appreciate our extensive experience and knowledge of clear, color and special effect coatings.
About Us
Allied PhotoChemical is the leading manufacturing of UV, water and solvent & hybrid coatings technologies. Every action by our responsive team of experienced industry professionals reinforces our commitment to exceeding customer expectations and our continuing drive to set new standards for our products and technologies. Our commitment to excellence ensures a strong ROI return for all our customers.


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