3D Printing / Additive Resins

The most suitable manufacturing materials for your projects. Offering the highest resolution, tensile strength and hardness.


Specialty coatings designed for the utmost reliable performance. We offer cost-effective advantages and innovative products.


Specifically developed for the automotive industry. Our resins make for the absolute finest applications and surfaces.

Building Products

Unique solutions that cover every part of the enclosure. Our products are non-toxic and perform in a variety of instances.

Ceramics / Concrete

Offering rapid dry time and fast-setting options for even the toughest materials. Extend the life of your products with our coatings.

Collision Repair & Refinish

Finishes that make products look brand new. Your quality collision repairs will stay intact long after the refinishing is set in stone.


Our advanced protective coatings can be used in a wide range of applications and offer extreme protection against corrosion.


High-performance products that are environmentally-friendly and perform with outstanding properties. Also contain no preservatives.

Electronic / Electrical Products

Dedicated to providing reliable solutions. An industry leader in thin, quick drying protection for all electronic products.


Our unique coatings for hardware ensure absolute corrosion resistance. Allow your parts to last longer by avoiding rust.

Industrial Inks

The perfect ink for painting when it comes to industrial applications. We have the solution for your specific application.

Metal Finishing

Premier finishing solutions for aesthetic or functional benefits. Our prime-sealers allow for protection against all elements.

Medical Devices

Research has led to advanced solutions. Our product portfolio offers breathability, high-absorption and an excellent retention.

Metal Decorating

Bringing the perfect color and shade to your metal products. Custom finishes make your items look high-quality and beautiful.

Pipe And Tube

Durable coatings that provide an excellent finish. Our solutions allow us to coat at high line speeds, offering you high productivity.


Our coating is beneficial for a large number of products in the plastics industry from plastic resins to thermoplastic solutions.

Printing & Packaging

Offering improvement strategies to a variety of print and packaging options. Our large portfolio exceeds expectations.


The ability to enhance prototype models with complex internal and external features. We can handle even the most intricate of parts.

Tanks – Metal / Composite

Protective coatings for tank interiors and exteriors. Our high-build coating is durable enough for metal and composite tanks.

Wood Building Products

Protecting natural beauty at its very core. Creating high-performance finishes that preserve the look and integrity of wood products.

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