Allied PhotoChemical published in PCI – Paints and Coatings Industry Magazine – UV Coatings Improve Manufacturing Process, Sustainability Footprint and ROI for Mechanical Tube Manufacturers

MACOMB, MI – March 19, 2021 – PCI – Paints and Coatings Industry Magazine has published an informative article entitled: “UV Coatings Improve Manufacturing Process, Sustainability Footprint and ROI for Mechanical Tube Manufacturers,” authored by Michael Kelly – Chief Customer Officer of Allied PhotoChemical, Inc.

“Mechanical tube manufacturers are continually challenged by their end customers to reduce costs, provide enhanced rust performance and support sustainable manufacturing processes,” says Michael Kelly. “This article provides a nice summary that includes supportive data on all these challenges.”

Below is a short introduction to the article:

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, pipe and tube manufacturing companies are continually challenged to manufacture superior products. End-use customers require a better product, more competitive pricing and improved lead times, year-over-year.

While each pipe and tube manufacturer have specific regional and market issues, it is critical they continue to drive process efficiencies to improve their existing manufacturing operations, thus helping them meet their customers’ needs. One other important customer requirement is that pipe and tube manufacturers improve their sustainability footprint, such as reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

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About Allied PhotoChemical, Inc.
Allied PhotoChemical is a leading formulator and producer of UV, Solvent and Water-based coating technologies. Allied focuses on the capabilities of high quality product development, application and customization to exceed their customers’ needs and expectations. Allied’s products help customers achieve true ROI – Return on their Investment. Allied’s Customer FIRST initiatives put the Customer FIRST!.

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