UV Coatings for Tube

How UV Coating Improves Your Tube-Production Operation

The UV coatings for tube producers that Allied PhotoChemical provides make your operation more cost-effective and worker friendly. Non-UV coating methods incur lengthy drying times for curing and the evaporating solvents release VOCs into the work environment. The UV process brings welcome changes; the curing is shortened to where it’s almost an immediate reaction and there’s also freedom from solvent fumes.

Is Switching to UV Coating Expensive?

Drying ovens for solvent-based coating use up excessive amounts of energy and floor space. Those are production overhead costs that can stand to be reduced. Labor figures in also; the UV-coating process is quick and doesn’t require the clean-up time associated with solvent-based curing. You can get your finished product over to the shipping dock and out the door sooner. Decreasing the time between a production start and shipping out the final product can increase profits. Increased productivity combined with the savings gained by eliminating energy-hungry drying ovens can make switching to a UV-coating process an economically sound decision. You won’t be limited to using a UV coating for metal tubing products either, the process can be easily applied to many different substrates, such as plastic, vinyl or glass. You’ll most likely be able to meet the tubing needs of the great majority, if not all, of your customers.

Is UV a Health Hazard?

Compared to the effects of prolonged exposure to the VOCs released through evaporation during solvent-based curing, UV-based curing is relatively harmless. Unlike exposure to VOCs, the effects of which may not be felt till much later, workers know if they’re spending too much time under an ultra-violet lamp; excessive UV exposure is like getting sunburned. Shielding can also be easily installed to limit the amount of UV light that enters the workplace.

An Expert Consultation Can Outline Your Specific Benefits

As the industry leader, Allied PhotoChemical is the UV coating service you can rely upon for advice regarding what benefits your company will obtain. Get in touch with us by phone at 586-232-3637 or contact us online and we’ll help you choose the best UV-coating system for your specific needs.

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