UV Cured Coatings

Our UV cured coatings make it possible to reduce the number of VOCs used in the coatings production. Our technologies allow us to make our processes cleaner through this service, while still achieving great protective and aesthetic properties. UV cured coatings are excellent coatings for use on all sorts of materials from metal to plastic and wood, just for starters. Besides eliminating VOCs in the process, UV cured coatings also allow for less overall waste, no drying time, faster production rates, less required floor space and lower overall production costs.
  • Faster, Smaller, Cleaner
  • Faster Line Speed and Cure Time
  • Smaller Floor Space, Work-in-Progress, Energy Consumption, Maintenance Costs, Overall Capital Costs and Quality Costs
  • Cleaner – No VOC / NVP’s / HAPS, Reduced Reporting & EHS

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