UV Coatings for Pipe

The Advantages UV Coating Brings to Pipe Manufacturing

Adding a UV coating process to your pipe manufacturing operation increases your line speed, allows for for immediate packing and shipping, reduces your production costs and creates a friendlier and safer work environment. The non-toxic and quick-drying UV cured coatings that we’ve developed for pipe manufacturers will also please your customers. As the industry’s top UV coating company, Allied PhotoChemical incorporates the latest technologies into our products and services; your customers will be assured of superior performance and exacting adherence to specifications.


What Your Customers Will Appreciate

The UV coating for metal pipes which we provide offers heavy-duty anti-corrosive protection and flexibility. In addition to our ability to match exacting coating specification requirements, we can also match any specialized color spec regardless of how customized the hue and shade may be. The inks in our coatings are heat resistant, colorfast and stain resistant, so your customers won’t need to be concerned about color fading. We supply coating processes for a variety of the materials used in pipe manufacturing and can provide you with an economic and highly effective pipe coating solution.


Everyone Up and Down the Line Benefits from Our UV Coatings

There’s much to be gained from our UV coating processes — for everyone involved:
  • Significant production cost reductions and energy savings
  • Environmentally safer for workers than non-UV processes
  • Quick application and drying times
  • Quality control with immediate feedback
  • Long-lasting product durability
  • Heavy-duty anti-corrosion protection for steel pipes
  • Specific coatings matching your company’s and your customers’ requirements
  • Scratch, fade and chemical resistant coatings
  • Precise color-matching
  • On-site support and turnkey industrial coating solutions


See for Yourself Why We’re Proud of Our Relationship With the Pipe Industry

The investments we’ve made into our technologies, products and services have paid off well. Allied PhotoChemical offers higher-quality options than our competitors and our customer-oriented approach has established our relationship with our pipe industry clients. Contact us online or by phone at 586-232-3637 and we’ll show you how our UV coating service can enable your pipe products to stand out from the others.

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