Water-Based Coatings for Tube

Water-Based Coatings Improve Tubing Manufacturers’ Production Systems and Help Turn Out a Better Product

Water-based UV curable coatings can help make life easier for you if you’re running a tube-manufacturing operation. If you’re using a solvent-based coating method, you’re probably noticing how the associated costs are eating into your profits. The drying time for solvent-based coating is lengthy, the drying ovens are costly to operate, and the fumes coming from the curing process are not contributing to a worker-friendly environment. Some of the solvent-based hazards can be raising your insurance costs and may be causing good workers to seek employment elsewhere. You may also be thinking about how your company can turn out a better product.

Better Products with Less Production Time

UV-curable water-based coatings for tube manufacturing operations save production time because the coating cures quickly when exposed to ultra-violet light — it can be a matter of seconds. In addition to contributing to faster line speeds, water-based coatings are also more compatible with tube and hose products made from plastic. Solvent-based coatings may react with certain substrates, but water-based coatings can be easily used with many different product materials and can be applied to damp surfaces. Water-based UV coatings can be color-matched without limitation. This allows you to provide more color-coding options for your tubing customers. You will also discover the coverage advantages that UV-coating provides, especially if large areas or longer tube lengths are involved.

Take Advantage of an Industry Breakthrough

Water-based coatings are leading the way as the technology of choice in the pipe and tube industry. They do more than eliminate the hazards and health issues associated with the VOCs released by solvent-based coating methods. Allied PhotoChemical intends to remain on the cutting edge of coating manufacturer technology and our expertise in our field makes us a go-to source for services, advice and solutions. You can reach us by phone at 586-232-3637 or contact us online to learn more about how your company can take advantage of what water-based UV coatings have to offer. We’re certain you’ll be impressed with the benefits.

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