Increase ROI with UV Coatings

Our Technology is Faster, Smaller, Cleaner.

Our Technology is Faster, Smaller, Cleaner.

We want to help drive your business ROI. To achieve this, we’ve spent years perfecting our technologies and services. This has allowed us to become expert consultants within the industrial coatings industry and creative problem-solvers for each and every one of our clients. Our continuous product innovation enables us to set new standards and deliver high-quality results that can’t be matched. Allow us to show you how our knowledge and guidance can help you achieve new levels of success through your business.

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Benefits of UV Coating Technology

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We’re proud of all the hard work we’ve accomplished – Allowing us to deliver better, quicker, and safer products, all without sacrificing production value and end results.
efficiency, quality, speed and lower costs
Our UV processes require less floor space and less work-in-progress. Plus, the UV process can deliver significant energy savings and quality cost reductions.
clean water
We’re spearheading the way to a better tomorrow with UV technology that has zero VOC’s and contains absolutely zero hazardous air pollutants and normal vinyl pyridones.
What it is
Our UV cured coatings make it possible to reduce the number of VOCs used in the coatings production. Our technologies allow us to make our processes cleaner through this service, while still achieving great protective and aesthetic properties. UV cured coatings are excellent coatings for use on all sorts of materials from metal to plastic and wood, just for starters. Besides eliminating VOCs in the process, UV cured coatings also allow for less overall waste, no drying time, faster production rates, less required floor space and lower overall production costs.
uv coatings for pipe and tube
Case Studies & Published Articles
Case Study
How Oakland County door maker learned to do more with less space
Total Door Leapfrogs Their Competition Using UV Technology

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