Water-Based Coatings for Pipe

Water-Based Coatings Make Your Pipe-Manufacturing Operation Safer and Greener

The choice of water-based coatings for pipe manufacturing can increase the safety factor on your production floor. You’ll also be contributing to a reduction in the impact VOCs have on the planet. In addition to creating health and safety hazards for your workers, solvent-based pipe-coating methods add to the global greenhouse effect. Allied PhotoChemical provides water-based pipe coating solutions that can make your company a safer and greener place to work.

How Do Water-Based Coating Methods Improve Production Safety?

Substances used in solvent-based pipe-coating methods are flammable in addition to releasing a high level of VOCs into the immediate work environment. Welders and electricians should refrain from working near a solvent-based coating operation; there can be a risk of an explosion or fire. There is also a possibility that rags used to wipe certain alkyd coatings may self-ignite while drying. Using a water-based coating process can eliminate these hazards from your production floor. Water-based coating products tend to be non-flammable, produce no significant degree of fumes and are relatively non-toxic. Your workers will not need to wear protective clothing when working with a water-based process nor will they need to be overly concerned about there being too little ventilation.

Can Water-Based Coatings Make the Production Process Easier?

Water-based UV curable coatings eliminate the need for energy-costly drying ovens. UV curable water-based coatings also dry and harden almost as soon as they are exposed to UV light. This streamlines the production process and moves your product down the line faster. An additional benefit is that the clean-up is faster and easier with water-based coating methods; soap and water is usually all that’s required.

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