UV Coating for Wood

Get Better Finishes with UV Coating for Wood

Wood is a very porous material. When you use it to build structures or products, you need to be able to ensure it won’t rot in a short period of time. To do this, you use a coating. However, in the past, many coatings have been a problem because they release harmful chemicals into the environment. To avoid this problem, we offer UV-cured coating service to provide you with a better solution.

What Is a UV-Cured Coating?

A UV-cured coating won’t release harmful chemicals. It also provides longer protection for the wood. This type of coating can be used for a variety of products, not just wood. You can use it for metal, glass, printers, concrete, fabric and paper. There is even UV-coating for plastic. By using UV coating, you will find that you save time and money. Plus, if you are reselling products, your customers will get a better overall value, which can mean loyalty and long-term return business. If you have concerns about environmental issues with your business, the switch to UV coatings can be a great step towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

How Is it Done?

UV-coating for wood can be done in one of three ways. The general process involves using a UV light to cure or harden the coating. Pure 100 percent coatings will work on wood. The other two options include:
  • Solvent-based:
  • Provides more resistance and adhesive
  • Offers great coverage with minimal thickness and fast cure time
  • Water-based:
  • Best choice for environment as it is non-toxic option
  • Provides fast drying and easier coating for large objects
  • Great coverage and light stability

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