UV Coating for Printers

Maximize Your Printing Potential With UV Coating

Coatings for printed materials offer enhanced durability and aesthetics. They can be used to make paper and other printed products really stand out. Using Allied Photo Chemical’s UV coating for printers, you can apply this finishing touch to your materials as they are printed. This will handle all your coating needs with a faster production time and less waste than other methods.

How UV Coating for Printers Works

Conventional coating for printed products requires an extended drying process that could damage the material. Additionally, this delay makes it harder to print coated item on-demand. Our UV coating service uses an ultraviolet light to rapidly cure the coating. This minimizes the chance of damage while expediting the production process. UV coating services can be used for almost any printed material including paper, postcards, presentation folders and more. It provides added protection and professionalism for your printed products. Better yet, UV cured coating is more environmentally friendly than conventional coating methods.

Key Benefits of UV Coating

Perhaps the most important benefit of coatings for printing is that your end-results are more durable and finished-looking than uncoated products. This makes coating ideal for packaging, promotional materials and other items intended for distribution. However, most coating processes can offer these benefits. Where UV coating really stands out is in its superior application process.
  • Cleaner, more eco-friendly process
  • Faster curing times and overall production
  • Minimized production cost
  • No VOCs
  • No drying time
  • Minimized waste
  • Cleaner aesthetics for the end-product
This technology can also be applied to non-printed materials. Wood, plastic, glass, fabric and even concrete can be UV coated.

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