UV Coating for Paper

UV Coating Is the Best Choice in Paper Coatings

Coated papers are nothing new. They are used often for business cards, marketing materials and other products that need a bit more longevity and that need to look good. The right coating can make your paper product stand out. However, some coating options just won’t work for paper while others are harmful to the environment. The best option is UV coating for paper. We offer a UV coating service that will handle your needs and provide you with a stunning final product.

How UV Coating Works

The coating applied to your paper product is designed to not damage the paper or smear the ink. However, the drying process can often be very long and could result in damage. If you are looking for a faster and better alternative, then you need a UV-cured coating. This type of coating involves drying it using a UV light. While getting an amazing product is nice, the best part about UV-cured coatings is they are better for the environment. Traditional coatings release chemicals in to the air. A UV coating will not. In addition, this type of coating can be applied very thinly. This maintains the integrity of your paper product while also providing protection. Such coatings are not just available for paper, you can also use UV coating for wood, plastic, metal, printers, glass, fabric and concrete.

Many Benefits

You already know a couple benefits of using UV coating. However, there are plenty more. Here is a look at the advantages of using this type of coating and getting services through us:
  • Cleaner process
  • Clean aesthetic
  • No VOCs
  • Lower production costs
  • Faster production
  • No drying time
  • Less waste
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