UV Coating for Fabric

Strengthen and Protect Fabrics With UV Curable Coatings

Manufactured materials need to be strong and durable, able to stand up to all sorts of handling in all kinds of conditions. When it comes to fabrics, even the toughest are more vulnerable to damage, such as ripping, tearing, fraying, or fading, than materials like metal, wood, or plastic. However, UV coating for fabric from Allied PhotoChemical makes it stronger, sturdier, and able to stand up to harsher conditions.  

UV Curable Coatings: How They Work

The first step in the UV coating process is similar to that used in conventional coatings: A clear compound (either liquid or solid) is applied to your material that, when dry, gives it a clear, glossy coating that provides an extra measure of protection from wear and tear. The difference between UV coatings and conventional coatings is the process by which the compound is dried or cured. Curing of conventional coatings takes place either in the open air or in an oven devoted to the purpose, which can be a time-consuming process. UV cured coatings are cured by exposure to intensely powerful ultraviolet lamps, similar to the ultraviolet lights found in offices and homes but much, much stronger. Due to the intensity of the ultraviolet rays, curing of UV coatings takes a matter of minutes at the most.  

UV Coatings and the Environment

Protecting the environment and utilizing sustainable manufacturing processes is in all our best interests. UV coatings are much better for the environment than conventional coatings as they contain no vinyl pyridones, no hazardous air pollutants, and no volatile organic compounds. Due to the brevity of the UV curing process, UV coating also uses less energy more efficiently, leading to significant savings as well as environmental sustainability.  

UV Coatings and Printing

Perhaps your operation involves printing on fabrics. If so, UV coatings can add aesthetic value to your product by making the printing stand out, in addition to enhancing its durability.  

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