UV Coating for Ceramic

UV Curable Coatings Keep Ceramics Looking Beautiful

Ceramic surfaces are attractive and highly desirable, but they can also be delicate and susceptible to scratching. Allied PhotoChemical can help you preserve the beauty of these surfaces by protecting them from scratches and other potential forms of damage with UV coating for ceramic.  

What Are the Advantages of UV Curable Coatings?

UV cured coatings do essentially the same job that conventional coatings do: protect materials in a strong, durable outer layer with an aesthetically pleasing glossy finish that may be available in a variety of colors, if desired, or a transparent coating. However, UV coatings have three distinct advantages over their conventional counterparts:
  • Speed: While conventional coatings may take hours to dry, UV curing is usually accomplished within a few minutes, or sometimes even seconds.
  • Sustainability: The compounds used in UV coatings pose no danger to the environment.
  • Efficiency: The speed of the ultraviolet curing process saves you both time and money, and advanced UV operations require less floor space.

What Makes the UV Coating Process So Efficient?

To answer this question, it is necessary to explain the UV coating process and how it differs from the conventional coating process. The first step is more or less the same regardless of the method you use: the material to be cured is treated with a compound that provides a protective coating. UV coatings are cured with exposure to intense ultraviolet rays from extremely powerful UV lamps, which cause the coatings to dry (cure) almost instantly. By contrast, conventional coatings are cured either in a special oven or by exposure to air, a process that takes a lot of time, can take up quite a bit of space and, in the case of the case of the ovens, consumes a lot of energy.  

Your Questions About UV Coatings Answered

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