UV Coating Applications

What Can You Do With Our Industrial Coatings?

Industrial coatings make a difference. They can extend the life of your products and create a damage-resistant finish, as well as making your products more attractive. If you’re looking for a practical coating choice for your materials, Allied PhotoChemical’s industrial UV cured coatings could be exactly what you need. Here are some common UV coating applications that generate ROI for companies like yours.  

Materials We Work With

We can add beautiful and functional coatings to materials of all types. A few of the most common types of materials we work with include plastics, metals, wood, and ceramics. Even if you don’t know exactly what type of coating you need, our knowledgeable specialists are happy to help you consider your options and select the best coating for the job. Our UV curable coatings are particularly versatile. We can apply them to almost any type of material for most applications.  

Industries We Serve

We work with companies in many different industries to create longer-lasting, more durable products. A few industries that often turn to us for solutions include:
  • The automotive industry. Our resins and finishes are used in auto manufacturing and collision repair. We’ve even reinforced tanks with our coatings.
  • The building industry. Construction companies rely on our coatings to guard against corrosion.
  • The electronics and hardware industries. Our thin but durable coatings can extend the life of your delicate electronic devices and all types of hardware parts.
  • The plastics industry. Many types of plastic products can benefit from a protective coating.
  • The pipe and tube industry. Our coatings are quick to apply to pipes and tubes, but offer long-lasting protection.

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From clear, weather-resistant coatings that showcase the natural beauty of wood products to heavy-duty anti-corrosive coatings for steel, Allied PhotoChemical makes industrial coatings you can trust. There’s a reason we are the leading UV coating manufacturer in the industry right now. Contact us today to request a quote or find out more about how our coatings can benefit your business.

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