Wood Coatings

Our abundant variety of high-performing coating technologies are guaranteed to exceed your needs and fulfill all of your expectations. Our wood coatings are extremely chemical- and scratch-resistant and offer maximum abrasion performance attributes. Our advanced operations have allowed us to maximize inter-coat adhesion capabilities. Allowing us to give our customers the best product on the market. Looking for a specific color or stain? That’s not a problem for us. We can create or match an already existing shade with our expert in-house services. Coating options range from clear coats, water-based coatings or UV coatings. We also have a variety of wood substrates, primers, top coats and fillers to choose from. With us, you know you have a large stock of coating, stain and color options to choose from. We believe in giving our customers a number of quality choices. Our processes even allow for the elimination of sanding between coatings, leaving your product more durable and saving you in overall time and financial costs. We believe in protecting the natural beauty of your wood products. Let us show you how our services can achieve just that.

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