Industrial Inks

Our industrial coatings and inks are known for their protective properties and their superior performance attributes. We’re able to specify specific coatings based on your exact requirements. No matter what industry you serve, we can create and deliver the best coating for your needs. All of our industrial applications are corrosion, scratch and chemical resistant. Making them the perfect match for even the toughest of uses. We have the ability to match the exact color you’re looking for, no matter how custom. You won’t be disappointed in the flexibility and the adhesive capabilities our coatings have to offer. Industrial inks with superior durability are what you can expect when it comes to our end products. All of our inks are stain and heat resistant and colorfast, so they won’t become washed out or fade overtime. Whether you need clear coatings on fiber wrapped, aluminum or steel tanks, or you’re looking for color coatings on a variety of plastic or metal substrates—we have the solutions to fit your needs. Ask us about our 100% solid UV, water-based or solvent-based coatings, and other coating and ink technologies that we currently have available.

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