The cosmetics market needs appealing packaging that they can rely on that easily showcases their products. We can help you sell more of your products by way of our aesthetically-pleasing and durable closures and containers. We have an incredible variety of colors and special effect coatings for you to choose from depending on the overall look you’re trying to achieve. All of our superior coatings are resistant to scratching, making your bottles and containers last longer and hold up to the typical wear and tear. We can offer you basecoat, topcoat and even tinted topcoat options. Don’t just make your products durable and resilient. We can also help you create overall packaging that draws in more customers. Our frost coatings work well on all plastic or glass options. We can custom color match all opaque and translucent colors to get the exact specifications you’re looking for. Ask us about our pearlescent and metallic options as well. When it comes to coatings for the cosmetics industry, we have a plethora of options. We also have specific inks for all jars and bottles. Let us give you the edge you need over your competition.

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