• Do you want to increase your production speeds?
  • Do you want to reduce your overall energy costs?
  • Do you want a Sustainable Manufacturing strategy?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then UV-enabled technology is your solution to delivering increased productivity improvements, while reducing significant energy and production costs n a green & sustainable footprint.
    Simplifying the Solution with UV Technology:
    Faster Production Speeds --
    Double or triple.....your choice
    Faster Cure --
    Can handle temperature
    sensitive substrates
    Smaller Energy Costs --
    Eliminate your IR Ovens
    Smaller Overall Footprint --
    No ovens, No racking, No overhead
    storage, etc...
    Smaller WIP --
    Coat to cure ~ typically less than 1 minute
    Smaller Quality Costs --
    Coat, cure, inspect ~ typically in
    less than 2 minutes
    Cleaner / No VoC's --
    Volatile Organic Compounds
    Healthier workplace environment --
    No solvents, Non-flammable, etc.
    Reduced Reporting
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